One with Oxford: By Courtney Kennedy

By Courtney Kennedy

I was born Nov. 24, 1997, in downtown Jackson, Mississippi. Although my family is all from New Mexico, I have lived in Mississippi my whole life, and this state has helped me develop into who I am and see there is more to the sweet state of Mississippi than others may see.

My perception of Mississippi is that it’s a place that is good for now, but not forever. What I mean by that is that Mississippi is a place I don’t mind being right now, but it is not somewhere I would want to spend the rest of my life. Others may see it as a forever place, but some feel the same as I do.

One of my favorite things in Mississippi, and Ole Miss specifically, is walking to Hume Hall, walking through the Circle in the spring, and smelling the magnolias hanging above me. Simple luxuries like that make me love Mississippi.

My Campaign

I researched the definition of marketing campaigns and, in short, it is the main method used for communication within a market and for customer acquisition.

My favorite part of Mississippi is the Fondren District in Jackson. It has Fondren First Thursday, a place for vendors, families and friends to come together the first Thursday of every month and see what great things Fondren has to offer.

Fondren First Thursday is an amazing marketing campaign within Mississippi, and that is what I take inspiration from. My campaign is called One with Oxford, kind of like a farmers market.

Farmers markets are in touch with the community. The purpose is to help small, locally-owned places get together for support and get their name out to those who may not know about them.

Social media and the local newspaper would be an amazing way to publicize One with Oxford. This could be compared to Double Decker, but I’m expecting One with Oxford to have a small town vibe and more support from local businesses and farmers. This would happen the first day of every month, whether it is on the Square or in a lot somewhere.

Mississippi is a beautiful place that doesn’t always get the recognition is deserves. Yes, Mississippi does have negatives, just like any state. But it’s home to people from all walks of life and all over the world. People come here to experience true hospitality and to see history.

Mississippi is a place where you’re always welcomed. Very rarely will someone you meet be rude to you. Everyone just wants to be happy, and the people who view Mississippi as such a negative place have either never been here, or they choose not to see what a beautiful place Mississippi is.

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