My Mississippi Favorite: By Morgan Feeny

By Morgan Feeney

Mississippi – home to the most racist, uneducated, redneck, illiterate population of people.

I learned at an early age to laugh at these false accusations and stereotypes about my home state. These words are nothing but humorous jokes to me now. Mississippi, the hospitality state, is in fact home to the friendliest people you will ever meet.

Marie Jones, my friend from California, said, “I thought Mississippi was just going to be a bunch of land and people riding horses instead of driving cars.”

Much to your surprise, Mississippi is not what the media portrays it to be. If I did not live in Mississippi, and I decided to read up on this state, I would probably run the other way. The media tends to focus on nothing but the negative things in Mississippi, but Mississippi has so much to offer.

All my life until last year when I moved to Oxford, I lived and grew up on the sandy beaches of Mississippi. I did not travel much as a child, so my little hometown of Pass Christian seemed pretty perfect to me.

I didn’t realize until my teen years how much I was ready to get the hell out of Mississippi. I always thought, “Who cares what people from other states think about Mississippi and the people who live here?” But as I got older, I seemed to feel less in touch with the world outside of Mississippi. I am ready to leave the small town, move to a big city and experience different ways of life.

Mississippi is far from perfect, but I’ve learned to appreciate the state that contributed to the person I am today.

My Campaign

People are born to be travelers. Families, friends, husbands and wives spend months researching what city and state they should travel to for vacation. People are willing to go miles  just to reach the destination of their choice.

Jordan Heisey, raised in Idaho, moved to Mississippi as a late teen, and she said, “Before I moved to Mississippi, I thought every restaurant was going to be seafood. I never would have thought Mississippi would be home to some of the best restaurants I have ever been to.”

Unfortunately, Mississippi is rarely ever one of those destination choices. The media has created a negative outlook on Mississippi, so what better way to create a new campaign to draw in tourists to Mississippi than by taunting them with amazing food?

This campaign will be a new Netflix series called “My Mississippi Favorite.” Every episode will show the viewer the journey of one actor to his favorite local restaurants throughout Mississippi. Viewers will want to experience the amazing cultural food only found in Mississippi.

Brooke Roe, a California native, was pitched the idea and she said, “Honestly, all I knew about Mississippi was Ole Miss until I moved here. I think this Netflix series will enlighten a lot of people about the positive aspects of Mississippi.”

Mississippi needs to take a stand and erase all the negative stereotypes and replace them with what Mississippi really has to offer – a beautiful, historical state.

Mississippi residents need to put a stop to the incorrect and hateful stereotypes. Even though most see it as a joke, there are hundreds of reasons why Mississippi should not be downgraded, so we cannot let it slide under the rug any longer.

Through this series, we will be able to open the eyes of thousands of viewers about the amazing foods cooked at some of the best local restaurants Mississippi has to offer. My campaign will send travelers towards Mississippi’s local restaurants. It will do nothing but increase profits for Mississippi’s population.

A larger population of the United States will then realize their perceptions of Mississippi were all off. The more popular the TV series gets – the more tourists will come and the more income will come to Mississippi.

The TV series will shed light on the negative stereotypes, and it will show thousands of viewers the hidden beauties of Mississippi.

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