Lower Taxation for Better Representation: By Ashtin Riad

By Ashtin Riad

I was born and raised in McComb, Mississippi, a small town of around 3,000 people in the southeastern region of the state, close to the Louisiana border.

I have grown up hearing all the negatives people say about the state, especially from family members in different areas of the country. Mississippi is ranked dead last in many categories in the United States, such as obesity and education.

I can attest that may of these rankings are accurate. I say this because, growing up, I would compare the work I did in school with the work that my cousins in other states did, and their level of work was so much harder than mine.

Obesity is another comparison I made between Jackson, Mississippi and Austin, Texas. Both are each state’s respective capitals, and some observations are Austin’s abundance of bike lanes and parks, healthy eating options, and our lack of certain things crucial to a healthy environment.

My Campaign

In my final project, I designed a marketing project that would emphasize and improve our economy through they use of reduced taxation in order to turn around our negatives. After talking to many residents, noble community members, and scholars, I decided to come up with a campaign called: Lower Taxation for Better Representation.

I coined this name because I believe the lower taxes are on businesses, the more businesses will move to our state, spurring our economy and making Mississippi more economically attractive.

My campaign targets state politicians and uses social media with a website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page.

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