Fun Bucks: By Kedrick Smith

By Kedrick Smith

The mighty Mississippi, with its enriched history, has long had the rep of the worst and most prejudice state ever. When you hear Mississippi, you automatically think, racism and slaves.

Everything is geared towards the negative sides of Mississippi, but not many talk about the beauty that lies deep within Mississippi.

Mississippi is a state that has so many cultures and traditions. Mississippi is very diverse, yet that goes unrecognized. It has so much wildlife and nature preserved.

I personally love Mississippi.

When I say I love Mississippi, I must first start with the food. I feel as if Mississippi is the only state where you can eat neckbones, greens, chitterlings, crawfish and shrimp, all in one day. You can suck on honeysuckles while walking up the road, or maybe you are in the mood to pick some fresh berries. It doesn’t matter; it’s all in the same woods.

Mississippi is so peaceful, and it makes you feel right at home, with all of the hospitality.

I think Mississippi is perceived in a negative way. It is often looked at as boring, behind and basic. Most of my friends want to get out of Mississippi, because they feel as if there are no opportunities here.

There isn’t really much to do in Mississippi, and the people who stay here think the same. Strangers hear “Mississippi” and automatically think of racism, and that is because racism is still prevalent in Mississippi, but it’s not the major issue.

I can agree with that perception. I have been to towns in Mississippi that are mostly white, and I’ve seen the racism. One encounter I remember well is, when I was at a store, white security officers followed me around the entire time.

The media hates Mississippi, and they perceive it as nothing but country racist white people. That perception is biased. Although the racism is here, there is plenty of good in Mississippi.

I’ve talked with others about their own perception of Mississippi. I got a lot of mixed answers and reviews. Everyone had their own personal love and hate for Mississippi.

I asked Jahkel Scott about Mississippi, and he said, “Mississippi is boring, but beautiful. They don’t offer a lot of high wages that make people want to stay here. I was born and raised here, and I love living here, but I feel to make big money, I have to go to places like Texas and New York.

“If there were more industries that came here instead of turning away, they could see that Mississippians have a lot to offer. There is no cooking like the cooking that happens here. And you cannot forget about the rawness of nature out here.”

Keyere Garrison said, “I love it here. It’s peaceful, but boring. I wouldn’t mind raising a family here, especially so I can eat my mother’s fried chicken every Sunday. Mississippi is beautiful in its own way.”

So, it seems the main issue with Mississippi is that it is boring and broke. Let’s fix this problem.

My Campaign

My campaign is Fun Bucks. Let’s bring fun to Mississippi while also bringing money. The campaign will be bargaining for attractions to come to Mississippi, such as more theme parks and malls. Having theme parks and malls would create a lot of state revenue. It will allow jobs for those who need it, while also attracting tourists.

People can go to theme parks without having to fly to get to one. More malls equal more bucks. The malls here are horrible, so let’s create malls to bring in jobs and income. Why should Mississippians have to go to other states to find high brand clothes?

My campaign will champion for more entertainment in Mississippi. We need more here so we will not have to go elsewhere to get it. If we find ways to keep people here, the economy will boost.

I think the best way to execute this will be through social media. Everyone uses it. We’d create a social media petition for more entertainment within counties in Mississippi.

With people liking and sharing it, it will pick up steam fast. We can reach out to our state leaders through social media, where everyone has a voice. We need fun!

People love Mississippi, despite what outsiders say about it. I asked the question, “Would theme parks and malls create a better atmosphere surrounding Mississippi?” The feedback that I got came with the answer “yes” repeatedly.

Many people commented that the peace in Mississippi is wonderful, but it’s boring. So, bringing attractions here will give people who live here things to do.

I think I got my message across. I think it has people thinking too. The people here deserve something to do. With me stating the obvious, I think it’s going to have people coming up with their own ideas to make Mississippi more enjoyable.

Personally, I think I could have executed and planned my campaign better. I should have taken more time and researched the economic side of Mississippi. I also should have generated more ideas and themes for my campaigns. Like, are theme parks and malls the only things that will fix the problem here? I should have listed many more attractions.

If I had more time, I think I could have reached people statewide by pushing my agenda a little harder on social media. The more I pushed it, the more people would have seen it. I could have also involved more people statewide instead of locally.

Most of my research came from local Mississippians. I learned a lot about people’s perceptions of Mississippi. A lot of people don’t automatically play the race card; they love their state. I feel it’s good to see people show pride in their home state.

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